Elevate Your Impact

Understand yourself, your desires, and your opportunities

Intentional Living & Work-Life Balance

Bring transformative insights and practical strategies your audience can immediately apply to their own lives.

I use the REALIFE Process® and tailor my presentation to meet the specific needs and goals of your event.

Allow me to share a bit of my journey. Thanks to my work through coaching, I began to understand my own personality, strengths, and challenges. Understanding my own personality and how I think, feel, act, and react allowed me to create new routines that brought about healthier patterns. The experience was like a mental resuscitation as I realized I could change my thinking. I was finally able to see what I wanted to do.

Ultimately, it empowered me to make informed decisions aligned with my desires and values.

I would be honored to share the insights and strategies that enabled my transformation with your audience!

Here’s how my speaking engagements can benefit your attendees:

Self-Discovery and Awareness

Learn to identify strengths and challenges through the enneagram and/or needs and values assessments. These will help create a deeper understanding of unique personalities and behaviors, facilitate change, and commit to what truly matters.

Intentional Living Strategies

Practical techniques for identifying those most important areas in life and intentionally creating space on your calendar to do the things you love. Empower your attendees to pre-decide their routines and move closer to a life aligned with their values.

Customized Content

Each engagement is tailored to your event’s theme and audience needs, ensuring relevance and maximum impact.

Let me bring transformation to your event!
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